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Westside CAN Center Programs and Activities

Many of the programs and activities you will see on the following pages are done in collaboration with other organizations, agencies or entities. Some are the sole responsibility of the WCAN Center.

Our youth and family programs are to address the need for safe, monitored non-school hour activities. Many of our children are latch-key kids.  Too many parents overestimate the capacity of their children to fill in hours of non-school time in a safe manner.  Too many parents underestimate the attractiveness of inappropriate behavior.  The Westside Youth Coalition was created to bring together neighborhood youth serving agencies, neighbors and interested community members to address youth on youth violence and youth crime such as graffiti, vandalism, illegal drug and gun activities, etc..  Lack of supervision and boredom are sure to nurture inappropriate or unacceptable behavior.

First and foremost, the Westside CAN Center acts as a Resource and Education Center for those living and working on the Westside.  We distribute or provide information on City and State programs and services that impact our neighbors. We distribute bulletins and newsletters on such things as zoning, property maintenance, programming at the Ruiz Library or Aguirre Center etc..  We make have a phone available for those who cannot afford a telephone. We keep KCATA bus schedules available. Our hours are Monday through Saturday, 6:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m. a schedule that allows us to serve our neighbors.

Youth and family oriented activities are done in partnership with agencies such as: the Ruiz Branch Library, Tony Aguirre Community Center, KCMO Parks & Recreation, Mattie Rhodes Center, Family Conservancy/Family Focus Center, Westside Lions Club, etc.  Attached is a calendar of Events and Activities coming up on the Westside the Bestside.  This does not include all activities. You may want to check with The Mattie Rhodes Art Center 816.221.2349 or Guadalupe Center, Inc. 816.421.1015 for spring and summer activities for children and adults.

The Day Laborer Program began in 2002 and now serves approximately 1500-2000 immigrant laborers per month.

Our Neighborhood Preservation Program helps us maintain the physical environment of our neighborhood through activities such as litter and graffiti abatement, maintenance of two community gardens, several right-of-ways and vacant lots.  We assist neighbors who cannot afford to pay to have yard waste and debris disposed of at an environmentally sound site ie. KCMO Recycling Centers or if necessary through Missouri Organic a pay site.

You are most welcome to join us in our activities. If you have an idea for an activity come talk to us about it. Volunteers are most welcome.  In-kind (see wish list) and cash donations help us maintain our neighborhood and bring activity and event programming to our neighborhood, our children and our families.


We look forward to serving you!

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